How to Chacho


Chacho’s restaurants are self service. Customers place an order with a cashier. The food is then ready in a few minutes and the customer is notified and walks up to pickup their order.  There is a large salsa bar to permit customization.


When ordering, if you want to enjoy an appetizer and then later get a meal, you can do this in 2 ways.  First, you can simply come up and order twice.  Second, you can tell the cashier that you would like to get certain items first and they can mark that on the ticket.

Similarly, if you want to eat some items in the restaurant and take some to you, you can place a separate to go order to be picked up when you are ready to leave.

Refills on sodas and tea are free.  Some locations have the soda machine in the dining room which makes it simple, but if this is not the case, any employee will be happy to give you a refill of soda at no charge.

Customers can re-arrange tables as they choose to accommodate groups.

Customers never need to bus their own tables, as that is our job.

We sometimes make mistakes, and when we do, please come up and tell us so we can fix it.  If the order is to go, we have a system to handle mistakes so please call us.  We try hard not to make mistakes.

Since there are not wait people, there should be no pressure for people to leave.  We want you to feel completely relaxed.