About Our Prices

The prices for our products are set to provide the best value for our customers to be found in any similar restaurant.   In other words, if another restaurant has the same food quality, portions, service, etc, our prices should be significantly lower than the other restaurant.

Our intention is to provide the best value anywhere.

We base our prices on our costs (both food cost and labor cost), meaning some menu items will cost significantly more than other items.  If an item has much higher ingredient costs or takes much more time to prepare, that item will generally be priced higher.

In some instances items have significantly higher prices than similar items, and when this is the case, that means our costs are much higher.  In particular, we are buying Certified Angus Beef or better and this means our beef products are generally costly to us, although we try to set prices on these items significantly lower than those who buy the same quality of meat.

We also charge slightly different prices at different times.  In general, our drive thru prices are generally lower because our costs are much lower with food ordered at the drive thru since we do not have to provide a dining room, wash dishes, etc. We also charge slightly higher prices at night and when we are very busy because our costs are higher at those times.  But our pricing is always reasonable.