Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your recipes from?

Some from Betty Crocker, some from the Galloping Gourmet and the bulk from Julia Child.  Seriously, we do exhaustive research and try to create the best possible recipe from this research, and then improve over and over and over again.

Can’t you make it where we don’t have to wait in line either to place or pickup our order?

We wish we could.  In fact, sometimes we are so busy we would not eat in our own restaurants ourselves if we were customers as patience is not one of our strong points.  However, the nature of the food preparation means that there will be a wait when we are very busy.  We can prepare some items but if we do too much of that, we will be a Tex Mex McDonald’s

Why are you always out of my favorite hot sauce?

See answer above which also applies here.

Don’t you think it would help if you took some of the stuff off of your menu?

Probably.  Problem is everything we offer sells.  We’re open to suggestions.

Where do you get the photos on your website?

All photos are actual photos taken by customers.

Do you ever plan to franchise?

No. Our concept is too difficult.  The franchisees we know never visit their franchised restaurants and would never be able to execute our food preparation to our standards.  Hell, we can hardly do it ourselves.  And sometimes we don’t.

Will you be opening more locations?

Yep.  But don’t know when.

Are you hiring?

All the time. We pay more and work harder.  If you’re good at what you do, work hard, and want to make more money, fill out an application.  Otherwise, please do not waste our time.

We like to hire people who work hard, get along with others, and have a sense of humor.  Basically, we want to hire the type of person we want to work around.

Check again some time and we will have more FAQs.