Chacho's is not only a great place to eat, it's also a great place to work.  Chacho's offers some of the best jobs in the restaurant industry.  And we are always looking for great people to add to our team.  Make no mistake - our people work very hard and our standards are high, but we compensate well and offer a more rewarding experience than do most restaurants. 

Just as our restaurants differ from other restaurants, we are a bit unusual with our employee selection practices. Education and restaurant experience are almost certainly less important to us than to most restaurant operators, although we prefer people who have some fast food experience. We judge more by whether we think the candidate will be happy working here and have the ability and energy to do the job.  We have had great success with employing those who have had problems at some point in their life and need a second or third chance.  

Our restaurants are busy and complex. This means we need people who catch on quickly and can work hard many continuous hours .  We also set very high standards, which creates a need for people who are willing to strictly follow our procedures and want to do an excellent job for our customers. 

In particular, we do not want lazy or unreliable employees. If you do not want to constantly work hard and come to work when scheduled, please do not apply with us.

We receive many applications and hire only a small percentage of those who apply, but if you can picture yourself fitting in with our team and doing a great job for our customers, talk to us. We might just be made for each other.