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Haven't been to Chacho's?

If you live reasonably close to a Chacho's and aren't at least an occasional customer, you are in the minority.  Chacho's is generally the busiest restaurant of any type in its market area, with each location serving several times as many customers as national chain restaurants.  Some of your neighbors are probably our customers.

What makes Chacho's so darn busy?

Our popularity is generally due to both our fresh, great tasting food made with the best ingredients plus our low prices, but many people also mention the following factors:

  • Fun, casual environment
  • Two lane drive thru
  • Authentic margaritas made with fresh lime juice
  • Unusually extensive and diverse menu certain to please almost anyone
  • Healthy & low carb menu options
  • Large portions
  • Incredible salsa bar
  • Open 24 hours
  • Quick service due to the restaurant being staffed with more employees on duty than similar restaurants
  • Intelligent service due to well trained employees who are paid substantially above industry levels
  • Attention to detail by caring, well paid managers (Chacho's has virtually no management turnover)
  • Self-service style means you can relax & enjoy yourself
  • Food served on real china
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